Moisturizing Bar

"Solid Moisturizer Convert"

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Five-star reviews
  • Rida

    Solid Moisturizer Convert!

    I didn't know solid moisturizer existed before this, and I am sold! This makes my hands so soft, particularly with all the pandemic hand washing.

  • Noor


    I bought the solid bar moisturizer and the mint bar shampoo.I am so In love with the concept of moisturizing your body with the solid bar moisturizer; I thought it would be really oily at first but it actually blends really well with my skin and dries off pretty quickly.

  • Olivia sent this over in the 'Awakening' scent. It smells very citrusy like lemons and a bit of citronella.

    I've tried shampoo and conditioner bars in the past but never a moisturizing bar. The consistency is great - it's easy to handle and melts nicely when massaged into the skin, but does not become a puddle in your hand.

    I rubbed it down my legs and it left my skin feeling smooth without being greasy. The bar is rather scented, so if you have a problem with essential oils, this may be too strong.

    But it wasn't overpowering while I wore it. I think the thing that is great about this is the lack of packaging. There is *so much* waste in the beauty & skincare industry, and innovative products like this that do not require plastic should be celebrated.
    It's also cruelty-free! A big win in my books.

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Best moisturizer on the market!


Economical, YOGHBODY lasts up to 5 times longer than bottled analogues.

Highly concentrated - less product achieves the same and better result than conventional analogues.

Minimalistly formulated to elevate your skin care to an intimate ritual and slow pleasure. Moisturizing cubes glide smoothly on the skin, releasing their valuable fats to soften and regenerate the body's skin, mixed with the authentic natural aromas of pure essential oils.

How to use: Briefly warm the oil cube in your hands and massage into the skin.

Results: Deeply hydrated skin leaving you feeling relaxed and soothed

Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types


Finally! A solid moisturizer that is 100% naural & uncompromisingly effective with a sustainable approach.

Self-care rituals minus the guilt of your carbon footprint.

Mousse Blanche is a female-founded, lifestyle brand that aims to empower you through self-care. 

We carry responsible & eco-conscious goodies and curate collections showing unique brands where products fit perfectly into your self-care rituals.

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