6 Eco-Friendly Summer Essentials You Need in 2021

6 Eco-Friendly Summer Essentials You Need in 2021

Are you ready for summer? We know we are running out of patience, and can't WAIT until we spend every day outdoors soaking in the blazing sunshine for that immaculate glow, sipping on iced drinks and cocktails, and relishing the irresistible warm weather. 

We've put together 7 summer essentials that you will need this season, from eco-friendly products to after-tan body care necessities and all things summer-related.

  • Straw Baskets

We found handmade straw baskets crafted by talented artisans that you can opt for on Etsy at an affordable price-point.

Straw baskets are fashionable and ideal for carrying groceries and beach essentials. Why buy from big corps like H&M when you can support independent makers who cultivate meticulously bespoke goodies that not everybody has, am I right?

Straw Baskets
  • Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!! 

 We know to some, summertime equates to skin cancer, but there's a way to take safety measures while enjoying the outdoors! 

Always apply (and re-apply) sunscreen before and after heading outside and don't be shy about it; you want to eliminate any dangers associated with unprotected sun exposure. Like we always say, take care of your skin & it will take care of you.
Sustainable brands to look out for such as Apothecary Muse and Raw Elements.

  • Moisturizing Bars

The most coveted after-sun solution that your skin will fall in love with. YOGH Solid Moisturizers are a one-of-a-kind, handmade, zero-waste alternative. They're rich in natural ingredients that are meant to feed and nourish your skin.

WITHOUT water, plastic wax, or pumps, formulated to elevate your skincare to an intimate ritual and slow pleasure. 
Moisturizing cubes glide smoothly on the skin, releasing their valuable fats to soften and regenerate the body's skin, mixed with the authentic natural aromas of pure essential oils. 
Solid Moisturizer

  • Premium Soap

Because of the heat, you want to opt for products that keep your skin hydrated and robust, and you need to start with the basics. Start by using Laska's handmade bar soaps replete with natural glycerin, fresh milks and yogurts. Yoghurt is a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals, alpha-hydroxy acids, and good fats with proven benefits.

The superior ingredients make all the difference. The 100% premium plant oils and butters, sustainably sourced Bulgarian yoghurt, sheep, and buffalo milk blend into luscious, fragrant bars with hydrating, smoothing, and emollient benefits.
No heating or melting of the oils and butters!

Bar Soap

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  •   Zero-Waste Deodorant

The thought of plastic deodorants being around stings (and stinks, lol!). We know by now, the beauty industry is a contributor to plastic waste. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and it tends to be abandoned in our oceans or buried in landfills. 

Brands like Apothecary Muse and Bai-Li create zero-waste deodorants that are good for us and good for the planet, too. These deodorants will serve you well during summer!

  • Hydrating & Non-Toxic Shampoo & Conditioner

After being in the sun, at the beach, or in pools for hours, your hair will require some sweet haircare that'll recover it from harsh sunshine, saltwater, and chlorine. You want to maintain that hot-girl summer hair all summer long, so using natural products that revive and nourish your hair is crucial. 

Introducing, the haircare holy grail *drum roll* YOGHHAIR®!

The shampoo bars are pH balanced for optimal care of the hair and scalp. The herbal active ingredients and yoghurt have proven properties for the hair, but they also balance and soothe the scalp! Perfect for those who are on the go as they don't contain liquid.

The shampoo & conditioner bars are handmade, 100% biodegradable; without water and plastic. 

Solid Shampoo
Until next time 
Mousse Blanche - XO

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