"Accomplish More with Less": YOGH's Minimalist Approach to Skincare

Accomplish more with less

YOGH is a Bulgarian natural cosmetics company whose goal is to revolutionize the beauty industry by orienting consumer habits towards minimalism. 

YOGH recognizes that there are connections between physical & mental health, emotional balance, and hygiene. It's making a name for itself as the “one-stop-shop” for water-free, plastic-free, natural beauty products that will have your skin looking healthier and your mind feeling happier in no time at all!

YOGH’s hair and body products are all made with natural ingredients including plant-derived oils, surfactants, botanicals, and yogurt. They have been made “water-free” meaning they are fully biodegradable (no excess plastics or fillers) and last five times longer than any other water-diluted product.

Only 9% of global plastic waste is recycled, by being plastic-free, YOGH stands apart from many others in the skincare industry; it limits its waste and encourages consumers to only use plastic when they have to. Its waste-free initiative and orientation towards sustainability make it a wonderful brand not only for your body & mind but for the environment. It also does all that it can to eliminate itself as an industry polluter and to inspire consumers to do the same.

Product Feature: YOGH - Moisturizing Body Bar 

The YOGH Body Bars are a full-body moisturizing solution perfect for all skin types (mama & baby included) and made from a fusion of pure nourishing butters and plant oils… no fillers, waxes, or diluted by water. 

The solid moisturizers work to eliminate any excess steps in your beauty routine; their simple ingredients respect skin, reinforce elasticity and leave a fine lipid barrier to prevent any moisture loss. These easy & natural bars are the perfect natural solution to any of your moisture problems. 

The YOGH Body Bar comes in three different scents each with unique benefits:

  • The Awakening Body Bar is Lemon & Eucalyptus scented; this bar is great for all skin types and gives your senses a fresh wake-up.
  • The Relaxing Moisturizing Bar is Lavender scented; lavender aids in relaxing your body and mind, making this bar a great relief after a long day or for extra relaxation right before bed.
  • The Mama & Baby Calendula Bar is unscented for those with extra-sensitive skin. It’s perfect for pregnant bellies, feeding mamas, and can help in combating stretch marks. 

Each Body Bar is made for all skin types, in unisex scents that everyone will love. They will melt on touch to dry skin, delivering comfort and hydration to the entire body.

We highly recommend the YOGH Moisturizing Body Bars after a shower, a long day at the beach, or whenever you are in need of a little extra moisture. They are the perfect travel-sized skin-care companions that are going to be a sustainable skincare staple for us this summer!

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