A Guide to the Perfect Sustainable Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day Sustainable Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again, father’s day is just around the corner, and for some of us, shopping for dad is not always the easiest of shopping sprees. What do you get the guy who says he doesn’t need or want anything?

It doesn’t help that gift guides are often pretty generic and repetitive… I mean, there are only so many ties you can buy someone. This year, we want to make Father’s Day about treating dad to a gift that will not only make him feel appreciated but will also make him think about his carbon footprint. Consider this our guide to finding the perfect sustainable gift for any dad this Father’s Day.


  • The Self-Care Edit… because taking time to pamper yourself is not gender-specific

This year your father’s day gift could focus on self-care. A lot of the time, self-care is centered around women…but having a self-care routine is just as important for men as it is for women!

Our suggestion would be to curate a basket of all things self-care that your dad may enjoy. Don’t know where to begin? Well, you could fill a reusable basket full of eco-friendly razors, 1-2 Soap bars, and a SITTI wooden soap dish (we recommend Laska’s sheep milk, pine & mint soap, or Yogh’s Cedarwood). Also, you could add a YOGH moisturizing bar. If your dad has a beard an added beard balm or organic shaving supplies would also be great to add in.

If your dad has never been one to pamper himself, this gift idea would be a great way to get him started.

  1.  SITTI Soap Dish https://bit.ly/3zDrz8n
  2. YOGHSOAP in Cedarwood https://bit.ly/3vPMHW1
  3. Laska Goat’s Milk, Pine & Mint Soap https://bit.ly/3ggmJX9
  4. Reusable Razor https://bit.ly/2UjD2Kb
  5. Idea for Reusable Basket https://bit.ly/3ggmlrF
  6. Beard & Body Balm https://bit.ly/3gDOpVO


  • For the Dad on the Go…

Some dads are always on the go. Whether he’s traveling for work or on a camping trip these sustainable alternatives could become staples in his busy routine.

You could start with a set of nice reusable cutlery and a reusable cup that works for both hot & cold beverages (great for every season). Also, you could give dad a reusable straw kit with straw cleaners and case included. That way he’s always prepared wherever he’s going.

Finally, your dad may appreciate a nice lunchbox to put everything in and it will encourage him to make food at home to take with him (no more take-out waste).

  1. Reusable cutlery https://bit.ly/35bQ6mO
  2. Reusable cup https://well.ca/products/stojo-collapsible-biggie-cup-sage_175509.html
  3. Reusable straws https://well.ca/products/kikkerland-reusable-glass-straws_183588.html
  4. Lunch box https://well.ca/products/minimal-natural-fiber-bento-box_149475.html
  5. Overnight https://bamboocollective.ca/products/eco-set?variant=32602592280709


  • For the Dad who loves food, wine & everything to do with entertaining…

If your dad is anything like mine, he loves to cook good food, drink nice wine, and loves to entertain guests.

When searching for the perfect gift for him consider a nice bottle of organic wine. Era Merlot is an organic wine made in Italy and is under $15, but tastes amazing. Or you could look into some local beers or ciders. If you’re located in the Toronto area, Brickworks Ciderhouse has some delicious ciders made in-house, in Toronto. Also, Karbon Brewing Co is the first Canadian beer company with the mission of being entirely carbon negative. They are also produced and manufactured in Toronto, Canada, and cater to the average beer drinker.

Finally, if your dad is more of a spirit drinker, try some glassware and reusable ice blocks. Great for entertaining and your dad can brag that they’re eco-conscious too! 

Another gift idea for your dad could also be a cookbook inspired by sustainability and an eco-friendly apron. Whether he’s a grill master or an environmentally conscious vegetarian, your dad will be cooking up a storm in no time. 

  1. Organic wine https://bit.ly/2Tq7j9r
  2. Local beer or cider https://www.theciderhouse.ca/products or https://karbonbrewing.com/collections/beer 
  3. Cookbook for vegetarian food https://bit.ly/3grpiEC 
  4. Reusable ice blocks (instead of ice cubes) https://bit.ly/2Tpvxks
  5. Glasswear https://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/recycled-glassware 


If all else fails, turn to a DIY project. I guarantee that your dad would adore a handwritten card and a day full of quality time, just like when you were younger. After all, the best way to show your appreciation for him is to spend time with him. And a homemade project allows you not only to get creative (& tune in to your inner child) but it’s incredibly sustainable.

Hopefully, these alternative father’s day gift ideas help you to find the perfect gift for the dad in your life and keep you on track in your journey towards sustainability! 



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