5 Sustainable Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s day is a big deal, even if your sweet mama tells you that it isn’t.

It is an important celebration honoring the mother of the family and honoring motherhood! It’s not an easy job taking care of several individuals besides oneself. Whether we like it or not, mothers make compromises every day; they teach us selflessness, compassion, and the meaning of being resilient. 

For that exact reason, Mother’s Day is probably a big deal to many of you. You want to make sure that everything you do reflects how much you love and appreciate your mama. Mother’s day is also the perfect time to commemorate all the other wonderful women in your life!

So here are a few sustainable & eco-friendly gift suggestions to celebrate your very first best friend, your grandma, your aunties, and expecting moms:

  •  Moisturizing Bars

Looking for something to complete your mom's skincare/self-care ritual? YOGH's handmade moisturizing bars come in handy! They are the perfect eco-friendly swap that's effortless. You are given plastic, water, and wax-free moisturizers in a bar form.

Natural minimalism for beautiful, healthy skin and a relaxed emotional response.

 sustainable gift - moisturizing bar
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  • Luxurious Soap Bars

This luxe handmade soap bar from Laska by Nature is to die for! There's nothing like it. Thanks to the natural, oozing glycerin, the soap tangibly moisturizes the skin. Laska reinvented the great classic, transforming it into a luxury gift with tangible benefits for the skin and pleasure for the spirit.

Free from unsustainable palm oil and synthetic chemicals.

sustainable gifts - soap bar

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  • Eco-Friendly Planters & Home Accessories

 MinimumDesign creates unique custom-made planters and home decor items made out of organic and environmentally friendly materials. It is love at first sight for sure!

Sustainable gifts

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  •  Eco-Friendly Candles

Hand-poured candles made with clean scents, coconut and soy wax, and recyclable packaging. Lohn, a candle studio in Toronto makes lovely candles with sustainability in mind. 

sustainability gifts

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  • Mama & Baby Curated Box 

Surprise your best friend with a thoughtfully curated gift for her & her newborn for an intimate, nourished mother-child relationship. 

YOGH's ultra-natural soap and baby shampoo provide the most gentle cleansing and protective care for the baby's skin and hair.

Designed to nourish the sacred bond between mother and child, YOGH's 100% natural pre and postpartum body oil soothes and relieves any mother to get in touch with her body, her baby and get to know herself.

sustainable gifts

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